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Detailed Guide on Choosing the Best Guitar Pick

In this article, I Lov Guitars will address all the elements that need to be considered before selecting a guitar pick. We will also help you choose which pick is best suited to each playing style—but remember, everyone is unique, so listen to what works for you!  Here’s a breakdown of everything this article covers. […]

What’s the Best Guitar Pick for Playing Metal Music?

Metal shows no mercy! If you want to take it on, you had better show it some respect, and that means getting the details right. You know this: that’s why you’re here. You know that the chunky down-tuned djent of Meshuggah and finger-blistering solos of Buckethead can’t be approached unprepared, with just whatever kit you […]

How to hold a Guitar Pick for Strumming?

You might think that you’re a singer and a songwriter first, and only play the guitar to accompany what’s really important in your music. ‘And so,’ you might think, ‘the pick doesn’t really matter: any old thing will do.’ You could not be more wrong! In fact, if anything, having the right pick is more […]

Guitar Picking Techniques: Playing Single Notes and Melodies

Case Study: Bach’s Second Violin Partita, Allemanda Part 1 In writing this post, I actually got a bit excited and wrote too much, so I’ll split it into two! If you’re just a beginner, we got a post dedicated to picking techniques for beginners. We’ll be looking at a piece of music that I’ve been […]

How to Use a Guitar Pick?

Congratulations! Welcome to I Lov Guitars – the blog dedicated to all things guitar picks! So you’ve just bought your first guitar! But whether it’s an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, whether your goal is to play fiddly jazz melodies, thumping heavy-metal power chords, or open acoustic strumming, you’ll need a pick—and you may […]

The Most Commonly Asked Guitar Pick Questions

guitar picks faq

Why are guitar picks used? There are a number of reasons why guitarists almost always play with guitar picks. Strings sound best when they’re plucked with something that has a nice, quick, clean release. Fleshy finger-pads don’t give this: the tone they give is not as resonant or clear. Classical guitarists don’t use guitar picks […]

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